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Professional Land Surveying Services

The Survey Group provides professional land surveying and mapping services for the Public Works Department and other City agencies in support of capital improvement projects, asset and resource management, and land use actions. Our services include preparing specialized base maps and survey data, advising on surveying matters and maintaining and expanding the City's infrastructure of horizontal and vertical monumentation.

These services are only for City right of way, City owned assets, or in support of City projects. The City does not perform property surveys for privately owned parcels. It is recommended you consult with and acquire the services of a private practice land surveyor and/or surveying/engineering firm to have your property surveyed. One way to find a list of surveyors is inputting the search term “LAND SURVEYORS AUBURN WA” into your preferred web search engine. City of Auburn Survey is prohibited from recommending private firms.


Survey Group
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Thomas Ginsburg, PLS
Survey Supervisor
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Survey Control Map

The Survey Group maintains an inventory of Public Land Survey System (PLSS) corners, right-of-way monuments and horizontal and vertical control as part of the City’s Survey Monuments Database. These monuments are used to control the location of property lines, easements and road rights-of-way.

The Survey Monuments Public Viewer is an interactive map depicting PLSS, horizontal and vertical control monuments from the database. This mapping interface is flexible and should work on desktops, tablets and phone devices.

Generally, three classifications of points are represented: points with horizontal coordinates only, points with horizontal and vertical components, and points with vertical elevations only. Clicking on a monument symbol generates a pop-up window containing data relevant to that point classification and options to run and download a report or to zoom into the point location. 

Please contact the Survey Group for more assistance as needed. 


This map is intended as a graphic aid only. The data being supplied by the City of Auburn is for general reference purposes only. The City does not warrant nor guarantee that the information is accurate. All survey control should be independently verified prior to use. The symbols depicted on the map are for display and generalized location purposes only and do NOT imply any accuracy nor specificity of the monument location. The City accepts no liability for any errors that may exist in the information provided.