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How To Amend A Tax Return

Reasons to Amend a Tax Return

You can change and correct previously filed tax returns. Reasons for amending a return vary. A return may need to be modified because you:

  • reported too much revenue (overpaid)
  • reported too little revenue (underpaid)
  • reported revenue under the wrong tax classification
  • itemized a deduction incorrectly
  • deducted too much revenue
  • need to add a deduction
  • did not explain a deduction

You may be required to amend a return even if the process doesn't change the amount of tax you owe.

If you underreported gross receipts for a reporting tax period, then you must amend your tax return and pay the tax owed.

If you overpaid taxes for a reporting tax period, the credit will be applied to the next tax period, or you can request a refund by following the instructions below.

Instructions for Amending a Tax Return

NOTE: File Local does not offer the option to amend a return nor pay outstanding balances.

The amended return must be filed on paper tax forms using our PDF tax forms on the main B&O Tax page (the PDF tax forms are on the right in the grayed column).

  1. Download the Multi-Purpose Return Tax Form and necessary Schedules (Schedule A – Service Income Apportionment, Schedule B – Multiple Activities Tax Credit, Schedule D –Deduction Detail).
  2. Mark the box below the Multi-Purpose Return Tax Form heading that says, “Amended return with required support documents."
  3. If you are adding any deductions, list and describe each one on Schedule D- Deduction Detail.
  4. Provide in writing the reason for the amended return. You may either mail the amended return or submit via email. After the amended return is processed, we will send you an updated account balance statement.
  • Email to [email protected]
  • Mail the completed Amended Return(s) and enclosed Schedules with a check payment to this address:
    City of Auburn - Finance Department – Tax Division
    25 W Main Street
    Auburn, WA 98001

Instructions to Request a Tax Refund

NOTE: Refunds take up to 12 weeks to process. We may contact you for additional information during that time.

You must request the refund in writing, either by email or mail. You can only request a refund for tax periods that occurred within the past four calendar years. You must use our Application for Refund or Credit

Please be sure to follow these instructions:

  1. Follow the instructions for amending your tax return(s). 
  2. Complete the Application for Refund or Credit, addressed to the City of Auburn, that includes:
    • An explanation of each change made.
    • Your city license account number.
    • The tax period (year, quarter, or month) you are amending.
    • The amount of a refund you expect to receive.
  3. You may either mail or email the amended return and the refund request form. Be sure to enclose:
    • Completed Application for Refund or Credit.
    • Amended tax return.
    • Supporting Schedule A, B or D Form, if applicable.
    • Completed Confidential Tax Information Authorization form (if you are represented by a third party).
      Send to:
      • Email [email protected], or
      • Mail to this address:
        City of Auburn - Finance Department - Tax Division
        25 Main Street
        Auburn, WA 98001