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Public Transit

Auburn does not directly administer transit service. Rather, the City works with Metro Transit, Pierce Transit, and Sound Transit to coordinate and improve service in Auburn.

Transit Agencies Serving Auburn 

King County Metro Transit

Metro Transit is the local transit operator for King County, providing local bus services that link destinations within the community and provide regional connections at the downtown Auburn Transit Center and the Auburn 15th ST NW Park & Ride. Visit the King County Metro website.


DART (Dial-A-Ride Transit) offers variable routing in some areas within King County. DART does not go door-to-door. It operates on a schedule, but one that has more flexibility than regular Metro Transit buses.  View more information on the DART website.


Metro Transit also operates Access Transportation, a paratransit service providing door-to-door, shared-ride van transportation within most of King County.  View more information on the Access website.


  • Vanpool is a shared-ride service that provides group transport for commuters with proximate origins and destinations.
  • Vanshare is a similar shared-ride service that provides group transport for commuters between home and a transit station.

For more information go to

Pierce Transit 

For a full listing of services, routes, schedules and fares please visit the Pierce Transit website.

Sound Transit

Sound Transit is the regional transit provider, serving Snohomish, King, and Pierce Counties. Sound Transit provides limited-stop, regional transit services linking Auburn to major regional destinations in King and Pierce Counties. For information about Sounder commuter rail and regional express bus, please visit the Sound Transit website.

Transit Facilities

There are a number of transit facilities in Auburn including bus stops, shelters, park and rides (P&R), and the Auburn Transit Center. The Auburn Transit Center, opened in 2000, is located in the heart of downtown Auburn, south of W Main ST, west of A ST SW, and east of C ST SW. The Auburn Transit Station houses a parking garage to help accommodate the parking needs of transit users. It is served by Sounder commuter rail, regional express bus, and several bus connections.

The City works closely with Metro Transit to identify bus stops that meet the criteria for shelters or benches. Metro Transit prioritizes these types of upgrades according to the number of passengers boarding at a particular stop daily.

Commute Trip Reduction

Under Washington state law, the City is required to administer a Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) program for all employers in Auburn with at least 100 employees arriving at a single location during the peak morning commute hours. The goal of Commute Trip Reduction is to reduce the number of single-occupancy vehicles traveling during the peak commute hours. CTR incentives include, but are not limited to, providing transit subsidies, preferential parking for carpools, bicycle lockers and showering facilities, and flexible work schedules.